Jimm Ites Senior Pastor

“I believe with God every need is met, every desire is fulfilled and for every dream there is direction.”

James Ites, born 1939, in Franklin County, Iowa was married to Sandi Ites in 1961. He served in the United States Army in 1957 for four years and was born again in October of 1967. In 1969, he experienced a lifechaging experience of healing on his back which led him to the call of God to preach the gospel. Ites attended a Baptist Bible College in Hammon, Indiana and preached his first sermon on Labor Day weekend in 1969. He was later hired as an Associate Pastor at the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Waterloo, Iowa. During his eleven years there, he trained for marital systems counseling. In 1981, he founded Cornerstone Fellowship Church and held services in what is now called the Five Sullivan Brothers Convention Center.
Ites's personal theology has developed into the speaking of faith in a personal and present tense way. An avid power lifter and sprinter, Ites is a national and state powerlifting champion. He holds silver medals in sprinting and gold medals in lifting at the Senior Olympics. He also continues to maintain his six workouts every week and is a personal trainer to all who step into his gym.


Wanda Johnson Office Manager

“The faith message at Cornerstone changed my life.”

Wanda Johnson came to Cornerstone Fellowship Church after being saved in Des Moines, Iowa, where she was told to “find a Bible-believing church”. Cornerstone was the first church she visited upon her return to the Cedar Valley, and she has been with us for nearly 35 years. Wanda says although she grew up in a traditional church setting, she did not awaken to the Word, the Holy Spirit and a life of faith until she discovered the teachings of Pastor Jimm and Sandi Ites. Wanda is our Office Manager - facilitating communication in and outside of the church, and is also Director of the nursery. 

Toni Tilkes Worship Leader

“Cornerstone is not about religion, it's about a personal relationship with Christ”.

Toni Tilkes is from central Iowa, and grew up in a small town called Buckeye. She came to Cornerstone in 1990 and has been with us ever since.  Toni was attracted to this church because of its revolutionary simplicity, which she believes is true freedom in the Lord. Toni leads worship music on Sundays, and is an active on the board and in women’s ministry. Every Sunday, you find her leading the music team playing guitar or piano and singing. She considers music her passion in life, and her most heartfelt way to praise Jesus.