Worship Ministry

At Cornerstone, we are passionate about ushering in the anointing and the freedom of the Holy Spirit, so that lives will be touched and changed. Our music team knows that everyone worships in a different way. We try to create an open atmosphere where people feel comfortable to actively participate in the worship. When Toni searches for music,  she allows the Holy Spirit to tell her what songs usher in what kind of atmosphere. Some songs create an atmosphere of joy and celebration, some create an atmosphere of awe and quiet - everything has a divine order within it. Even after choosing the music, the team has to be open to the Spirit to tell them how to move in the service. Do we stop singing and be quiet? Do we shout and clap? Our utmost goal is to give glory to the Lord, and to allow Him to move in and lead the service. That way people will be touched, healed, empowered, and changed.

Children's Ministry

At Cornerstone, our method of teaching children is different from what you may see anywhere else. We believe Sunday school shouldn’t be merely babysitting. Rather, we would like to teach children how to hear God’s voice, and give them the tools and directions to understand they have both a physical and spiritual being, by building their intuition and nurturing their spiritual gifts. Kids are often more in tune with the Voice, and are amazing at prayer. These skills are important early in life, so they may continue to grow in the Spirit as adults. Lessons are often centered around objects so kids can have visual metaphors for deeper lessons. Our lessons recognize history and science. It’s amazing what kids can comprehend when we have deep discussions with them! Kids at Cornerstone learn to walk with the Lord and know He is always faithful to them, and a friend and Father. As Christians, it is our responsibility to teach youth and build the next generation of peacemakers. 

Women's Ministry

The women's ministry at Cornerstone, brings together a fellowship of women to share lessons with one another and have life changing experiences. Every Wednesday morning, the Ladies Bible study takes place in the Fireside Room. Attendees can expect to release negative energy about their personal lives and discover the Holy Spirit to be their new strength. What a joy it is to discover your personal power with God's gift of the Holy Spirit! The Ladies Bible study is a safe space for women to share their unique experiences and gifts. Along with important revelations about scripture and prayer services, women share their stories to help one another grow in walking with the Lord. Feel free to read some of their testimonies below:

“I love Wednesday mornings because it is safe! It is a very safe place to share your heart. To be transparent. I have found a place where the Holy Spirit always meets us there. I am being transformed by applying the biblical truths to my life.”

“I’m pretty new to this church and I find that my experiences are most compatible with other women of the church – we seem to find joy and enlightenment together – and I find that I am enjoying it all.”

“Women’s fellowship is a wonderful mid-week refresher of God’s Word.”

“The Bible study is a precious time to learn more about the Lord and myself and to fellowship with some wonderful ladies.”

“We get the pure Word with real life experiences. The strength and life that comes forth in my own walk in the Lord. Thank you, Lord!”

“I am thankful for the women’s Bible study because it is a place to receive mature teaching, prayer, and fellowship, which helps me to grow in the Lord.”

“The Wednesday morning Ladies Bible Study has had a life changing impact on me. We learn how God works in us by His Spirit. We are helped to recognize His work and voice in our lives. We are also helped to recognize the work and voice of the enemy so that we may resist and cut that off. And then we receive prayer and prophecy over our lives that catapult us farther into God’s plan and purposes for us.”

“Our time together in the Wednesday morning Bible study constantly serves to challenge my opinions. I’m learning that opinions that are constantly held will begin to order my way, become a path on which I will walk. I’m not sure I’m ready for that, to walk on a path of my own making when we are learning there is a better way.”

“Bible study is a place I can come “as I am”, but leave with encouragement and love.”

Prayer Ministry (Practice of Principles)

Prayer services are an essential part of Cornerstone's ministry. Group prayer and private prayer for physical and emotional healing is a regular occurrence, both inside and outside of church services. By faith, Jesus tells us that through his stripes we are healed and by the laying of hands, the Holy Spirit can be used to heal and change lives. Chalk Talk is a regular prayer service at Cornerstone, where all are welcome to learn how to practice the principles of faith in their lives. Every Wednesday evening, Pastor Jimm gives practical lessons to mix God's word with faith  - putting the Word into faith principles that we can speak, discuss, and practice. It's a great time to challenge your fears and learn to receive the provisions by Jesus Christ!

Health Ministry

Jimm Ites is a living example of someone who contains the fountain of youth. By faith in the stripes of Jesus Christ, his back was healed and he is now a senior Olympian, winning 5 gold medals in 2011 at the age of 72. Eating right, thinking right, and exercising are important to the mission of Cornerstone. Jimm changes the lives of many through personal training, physical healing, counseling and restoration. By appointment, one can visit with Pastor Jimm about anything that needs to be changed. Through discussion and faith declarations, all things are changeable and curable. Clients are challenged to change destructive thinking into faith thinking, which will change everything. Any pain in your life, marriage, physical body, or finances can be altered into the true results of God for you to prosper and be in health.